Cut water loss, Boost revenue with

AI-powered technology

WEAD by LeakZon is a cutting-edge AI platform that drastically reduces the water loss rate by analyzing your network’s data and providing meaningful insights on your water network (Also Known as Community Water Network – CWS).
WEAD identifies water anomalies – such as leaks, unauthorized consumption, and abnormal usage. This enables utilities to proficiently manage their network, prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and make well-informed operational decisions that increase water distribution efficiencies while reducing cost

Virtual DMA Optimization

WEAD by LeakZon is the 1st and only solution that creates virtual District Metering Areas (DMAs) based on the existing GIS data provided by customers, providing a more granular view of your network.

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WEAD utilizes AI to provide actionable insights based on data analysis. Utilities receive online push notifications for critical events, enabling proactive decision-making and improved overall network health.

The LeakZon Impact

Reduce Non-Revenue Water by up to 66%

LeakZon’s AI-powered technology analyzes data from smart meters, GIS, customer billing information, and environmental factors. This holistic approach helps identify leaks, unauthorized consumption, and other NRW issues, enabling targeted interventions and significant water loss reduction.

Water Anomalies

LeakZon’s real-time monitoring detects anomalies in water consumption patterns. This includes real and apparent loss, such as leaks, bursts, meter malfunctions, and potential tampering. By identifying these anomalies quickly, LeakZon helps utilities react faster and minimize water loss.

Reduce Response Time to Incidents

LeakZon’s AI analyzes data to pinpoint the accurate location of anomalies, allowing utilities to dispatch crews efficiently. This minimizes response time and reduces the cost and disruption associated with water loss incidents.



Full control of your water network, Reduce response time to incidents.

Water Utilities

Streamline operations, reduce financial losses, and elevate customer service.

Multi Family Owners

Optimize water usage, enhance property value, and ensure resident comfort.

Operation Companies

Deliver efficient leak detection and repair services to utility clients.

AMR Manufacturers

Integrate Leakzon’s technology with existing meter reading solutions.

Key Features


Automated AI Analysis Eliminate manual data crunching and human error with Leakzon’s intelligent algorithms.


Actionable Insights Gain comprehensive visual reports and alerts for corrective action.


Real Feedback Leakzon’s feedback ensures repairs are done right, the first time.


Scalable Solution Cater to the diverse needs of water utilities and multi-family complexes of all sizes.


Seamless Cloud Deployment Rapid and effortless implementation, accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Cost-Effective SaaS Model Scalable pricing eliminates upfront capital expenditures and minimizes operational costs.

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