Why LeakZon

Gloabl water crisis

Billions of gallons are lost annually, costing utilities and communities. WEAD by LeakZon’s AI stops the leaks, saves water, and saves money.

AI for the win

Traditional methods are slow and inaccurate. WEAD by LeakZon’s
AI detects leaks fast, with laser precision.

Optimize all the way

Leak detection is just the start. LeakZon analyzes data, suggests improvements, and makes your water network smarter.

Cloud-based ease

No complex installations, up and running in hours.  LeakZon makes saving water simple.

Be proactive, not reactive:

Stop leaks before they happen. LeakZon protects your water resources and secures your future.

Insights VS Events

While almost any water expert can recognize a one-time event, WEAD by LeakZon is the first platform that analyzes thousands of records to provide a comprehensive understanding and meaningful insights. WEAD comprehends the complexity of water networks and even offers optional advice to super users based on its findings. This allows utilities to make informed operational decisions.

Stop Hidden Leaks, Unleash Hidden Profits

LeakZon’s advanced AI technology unveils the hidden world of leaks in your water network. Our insightful diagram breaks down water usage, pinpointing exactly where revenue-generating water is being lost. LeakZon empowers you to take decisive action, save money, and maximize your bottom line

Unique Selling Proposition

Reduce water loss rate (NRW) by detecting water anomalies, Close to zero false alarms

Seamless integration to other systems via API

Virtual  DMA mapping,
Digital transformation of DMA

Cloud-based architecture, Easy Deployment, Optimized to Scale up

AI-based Insights, Evaluate CWS failures

SaaS – Simple & Efforadale business model