The intelligent solution for smarter, more sustainable water management

LeakZon provides a powerful and versatile platform that adapts to your water management needs. Whether you oversee a small or large operation, LeakZon scales effortlessly to accommodate your requirements. Our seamless integration with various data sources, including GIS Data, AMI, and Billing (CIS), allows for a holistic view of your water network. This comprehensive data integration empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and maximize efficiency.

Slash NRW rate

Pinpoint leaks with razor-sharp AI, saving millions annually. Goodbye guesswork, hello data-driven detection!

Invest smarter, not harder

Prioritize infrastructure upgrades based on real-time insights, maximizing ROI and extending asset lifespan.

Respond faster

Be the hero! Get notified instantly of potential leaks, reducing repair times and minimizing disruptions.

Keep customers smiling

Address leaks before they become major issues. Happy customers equals positive PR and better business.

Stay EPA compliant

Meet regulatory requirements effortlessly. Focus on delivering clean water, not paperwork headaches.

Empower with data

Make informed decisions based on comprehensive water network insights. Ditch gut feelings and embrace data-driven leadership.