smart meter manufacturers

Partner with us, the powerhouse for smart meter manufacturers, and unleash your full potential

As a manufacturer of smart meters, your current application primarily focuses on delivering billing information to water utilities. The complete integration with the LeakZon system will enhance your capabilities and establish your platform as a comprehensive solution. Through the implementation of WEAD by LeakZon, you will position yourself as a market leader in the AMR market.

Market edge

Differentiate yourself. Offer LeakZon integration with your AMRs. Attract new clients and solidify your brand leadership.

Smarter meters

Elevate your meters with LeakZon’s AI for self-aware leak diagnosis. Offer smarter, more valuable solutions.

Data services powerhouse

Data services powerhouse
Leverage LeakZon’s data analysis for post-sale water optimization and insights. Create recurring revenue streams.

Save support costs

Minimize unnecessary AMR deployments with proactive leak alerts, reducing expenses and improving your bottom line.

Optimize routes

Prioritize AMR deployments based on accurate data, focusing resources on critical leaks and maximizing efficiency.

Recurring revenue goldmine

Offer LeakZon as a subscription service on installed AMRs. Create steady revenue and solidify client relationships.