Gain Full Control of Your Water Network with AI Technology

With Wead by LeakZon, municipalities can have a clear snapshot of their water network at any moment. Thanks to the advanced dashboard, the public works and water department can allocate the necessary resources to fix leaks and gain valuable insights to increase the network’s efficiency.

Reduce the water loss rate

Thanks to AI technology, we can reduce the water loss rate to single digits.

Smart operational decisions

We receive intelligent advice to allocate the necessary manpower to fix leakages.

Real and apparent loss

The system detects both real losses, such as leakages, and apparent losses, such as unauthorized consumption.

Seamless integration with AMI

There is no need to work on two systems. WEAD by Leakzon is automatically connected to the AMR platform and gathers their data.

24/7 Report Generator

Ability to retrieve any report, from hourly to yearly, whenever you need it. Easy to customize the report, both on screen and in the printed version.