The intelligent solution for smarter multifamily property ownership

LeakZon equips multifamily property owners with advanced AI leak detection. Our innovative technology quickly identifies leaks, saving you money on water bills and preventing costly repairs. LeakZon minimizes the risk of water damage, protecting your investment and ensuring long-term value. By keeping residents happy with a reliable water supply and avoiding disruptions, Leakzon safeguards your reputation and fosters tenant satisfaction.

Slash water bills

Save big with LeakZon’s leak detection prowess. Reduce common area water usage and pass the savings on to residents.

Protect your property value

Act as your 24/7 security guard, identifying and stopping leaks before they damage your property.

Champion sustainability

Minimize water waste and become a sustainability leader. Attract eco-conscious residents and boost your reputation.

Residents rave

Ensure reliable water access and tackle leaks promptly. Foster a sense of community and well-being. Win-win!

Streamline operations

Free up your team’s time. Let LeakZon handle leak detection and focus on delivering exceptional resident experiences.