Maximizing ROI with Water Loss Management Systems: A Smart Investment for US Cities

Introduction Water is a precious resource, yet many cities across the US face the challenge of significant water loss due to aging infrastructure and inefficient water management systems. One effective solution to combat this issue is the implementation of Water Loss Management (WLM) systems, which provide a high return on investment (ROI) compared to non-efficient […]

The Power of Storytelling in Data: How LeakZon Transforms Water Network Management

In today’s data-driven world, information is power. The sheer volume of data collected from various smart devices can be overwhelming, often leading to more confusion than clarity. This is especially true in the realm of water network management, where understanding and utilizing data effectively is crucial for operational and business success. Many platforms on the […]

Unseen Connections: How Non-Revenue-Water is Linked to the Hidden Hazard of Sinkholes

Non-revenue water (NRW) and sinkholes might seem unrelated at first glance. Still, a fascinating and crucial link between the two underscores the importance of managing our water resources efficiently. This blog post explores how NRW can contribute to the formation of sinkholes and why addressing NRW is vital for preventing these potentially dangerous occurrences. What […]

Smart Meters: From Billing to Guardians of Our Water Supply

Smart water meters were introduced with a clear goal: revolutionize water billing. By automating meter reading and enabling remote data collection, they promised efficiency and cost savings for utilities. But what if these meters could do more? The good news is, with today’s technology, they can. The data streaming from these meters holds a hidden […]

Unlocking Urban Efficiency: How Smart Water Metering is Climbing the Data Summit

As we look to the horizon of urban water network efficiency and resource management, the words of renowned mountaineer George Mallory echo with profound relevance. When questioned in 1923 about his relentless pursuit to conquer Mount Everest, Mallory famously retorted, “Because it’s there.” This statement encapsulates the indomitable human spirit and our intrinsic desire to […]