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LeakZon, established 2023, developed an analytical solution to reduce the water loss rate (Also known as Non-Revenue-Water, NRW) by collecting and analyzing raw AMR, GIS maps, CIS, and other relevant environmental data. The system uses advanced AI propriety tools to optimize the District Metered Areas (DMAs) and detect water anomalies such as leaks, metering inaccuracies, unauthorized consumption, and abnormal usage.

LeakZon provides valuable insights by monitoring the Community Water System (CWS) daily, thus empowering utilities to manage and maintain their CWS, optimize prioritization, allocate resources, and make informed operational and business decisions.


Mr. Dan Winter

Dan is the CEO and one of the founders of LeakZon and has more than 23 years of experience in the water industry. Previously, he served as the CEO of Arad Technologies and successfully led them to become one of the top six AMI manufacturers worldwide. He holds 3 patents related to water technology. Mr. Winter is the inventor of Master-Meter Dialog 3G, which incorporates radio in the meter and many other features that are currently widely used in AMI solutions.

Mr. Mordechai Feldman

Mordechai is a highly experienced senior advisor for LeakZon, with a wealth of international experience in designing water networks and addressing water scarcity. He has provided consultation services to the World Bank and various countries. Mr. Feldman has gained global recognition as a renowned water expert and has been invited to share his extensive knowledge at numerous events.

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